Plano Massage Therapist John James


John James, Licensed Massage Therapist, Cranio Sacral Therapist



In 1992, John studied with acknowledged Physical Therapy authority John F. Barnes, creator of The Myofascial Release Approach®. This pivotal class taught John to base his practice on more than simple anatomy and physiology – he must also incorporate the inseparable relationship between fluids and electromagnetic energy within the body.

Inspired by this newfound knowledge and a desire to change the static constraints of “prescribed” therapies, John began developing his own therapy structure. Treating the root of the problem, not just the symptoms, allowed him to create a lasting change in his clients’ lives.

Instead of following a certain known regimen of therapy for a client, he questioned what was missing, or what the right order of treatment should be, creating custom-tailored therapy treatments dependent upon each client’s situation. His healthcare practice became a continuous questioning and evolution of beneficial techniques.

This customization led John to develop create unique techniques and distinctions targeting clients’ needs. He created such techniques such as Matching, Right Order of Treatment, Approach-Based Therapeutic Touch, the Garden Hose Distinction, RET (respiration evaluation technique), and Deactivation – a 3-7 trigger point release.

John’s commitment to his therapy work benefits the entire massage therapy field, pushing wide the existing envelope of what is known, and increasing the degree of relief possible for his clients.

Myofascial Massage Releases You From Pain

Myofascial Release is a specialized massage therapy which lengthens your body’s muscles and connective tissue to relieve pain common in soft tissue disorders. You will leave your first myofascial release session more comfortable than you thought possible, more relaxed, and breathing more deeply than before.

Muscles and Fascia

To understand why myofascial release therapy works so well you first need to know a bit about fascia, the thin white layer of tissue which covers every organ in your body. Each muscle group and every fiber of muscle tissue within it is covered with fascial tissue. As much as 40% of each muscle group, or myofascial unit... Read more > > >

Massage Therapy for C-Section Pain Relief

Massage Therapy for C-Section Pain Relief

The C-Section Recovery Center specializes in relief of chronic pain and dysfunction for women who have had C-Section surgery. Surgeons and western medicine practitioners underestimate the effects of C-Section surgery; it affects a woman's entire body.

Having performed tens of thousands of therapeutic massage sessions, therapists at C-Section Recovery Center created a unique program focusing only on pain relief and well-being of mothers who have had caesarian deliveries... Read more >>>

CranioSacral Therapy for Energy and Balance

CranioSacral Therapy or CST focuses on improving performance of the central nervous system by freeing the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid. Produced by the brain's ventricles, this fluid cushions both your brain and spinal cord and pulses throughout your body. Using a light touch the CranioSacral Therapist relaxes restrictions to ...

Read more > > >

Massage Therapy for C-Section Pain Relief

Fibromyalgia Massage: Pain Relief Without Pills

If you suffer from fibromyalgia as I do, no doubt you are constantly looking for new ways to treat your symptoms. The pain and aches you experience on a daily basis are as discouraging as they are debilitating. Proven to help fibromyalgia patients... Read more > > >

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